ST Creative house is a family company and has started its work in 2013.
Canada based, Iranian designer, Shaghayegh is the creative director of Shaghayegh Tafreshi since 2013. Shaghayegh’s background in architecture influenced her designs to be inspired by art/ culture, geometric shapes, and nature. In 2017, after she moved to Canada to study fashion, she faced western culture without the social isolation she experienced before in her hometown. Shaghayegh tries to show the connection and contract between her own culture and western ones. By using the elements of the classic/traditional period from both the middle east and western countries, Shaghayegh shows her garments in a modern way. In 2019, She was selected as one of the designers on Vancouver fashion week to show her designs and she was the opening of fashion week. Her final design was selected to be published as an advertisement in all stations in Vancouver city.
Having 3 runway shows at LBD Gala show in 2018, 2019 and Vancouver Fashion Week in March 2019, ST showed the designs to fashion lovers in western countries.
Shaghayegh has shown several collections in Iran, created red carpet looks for Iranian celebrities too.

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