-A contemporary take on Persian Arts & Heritage-
Instagram: @setibidar

Hello! My name is Seti - I design illustrated T-shirts that are Persian-inspired with a modern twist. All of my illustrations are inspired by my fascination of the culture, traditions, rich history and beauty of our country. I myself grew up outside of Iran - I was born in and lived the first half of my life in Switzerland, then the rest in the UK. I take elements that I'm particularly drawn to myself and combine them with the simpler and modern European style. With each of my illustrations having a story or meaning behind them, I'm also using this as an opportunity show different sides of our culture to those who may not be familiar with it; and for those who are, I'm hoping it'll bring them a little joy (even if it's as simple as a chai nabat!). My own background is in Marketing and Communications but I have always been experimenting with art from a young age. The items on here are hand drawn then turned into digital pieces.

Favorite Items