I was first introduced to macramé jewelry at a Rainbow Gathering about ten years ago. At that time I knew how to make friendship bracelets and I was inspired to learn more and more techniques and designs from the many amazing artists I have met in my travels over the years. At first it was just a very soul-satisfying hobby for me alongside my job as an architect in Rome. I received much encouragement from my friends and others who saw my work and this inspired me to change my career path from professional architect to professional craftsmaker. This is how it all began... for those who know less about macramé: The Spanish word macramé is derived from the Arabic migramah (مقرمة) which refers to an ancient art of textile-making using knotting. This art made its way to Europe and then America, which now has become popular among the neo-hippie and grunge crowd, starting in the early 1970s.

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