Creating art has always been a passion. Although I have no formal education or training in the Arts, I consider myself a student of "YouTubeversity". I have learned a vast array of new techniques from the infinite amount of information and tutorials from people from all around the world. ​I define myself as a Mixed Media Artist and a majority of my Art uses a combination of different techniques and medium intertwined with culture. I have been fortunate to experience different cultures and it's important for me to express this in my work. ​Mixed Media Art is loosely defined as any work of art that uses more than one medium and a combination of traditional and experimental art materials. I use Acrylic Paints, Acrylic Mediums, Plaster, Resin, Textures, Wood and more in my work. This allows me to express myself in may different ways. Each artwork is handcrafted and is a representation of my world in an abstract view. For me, Art isn't just about the subject, it's about the experience, emotions and allowing the viewer to traverse to a different world.

Favorite Items