Mahdokht Raeesdana is a true veteran in the fields of visual and decorative art. After graduating from an interior design program in Tehran, she started her grad school in architecture and interior design at l'École Superieure d'Art Moderne in Paris. Mahdokht didn't stop there and finished another degree in interior design in the US. Mahdokht started practicing painting on fabric while in Paris and has become one of the pioneers of the field in Tehran. Her first exhibition was at the prestigious Seyhoon Gallery in Tehran 24 years ago and since then several other galleries and exhibitions have showcased her hand painted fabrics. Her portfolio includes impressive advertising and interior design experience for clients including MoblIran Co, Modis, Vezarat Niroo, Tarh e Now bookstore and Milad Coffee Net. When in Tehran Mahdokht holds private interior design and painting sessions in her atelier. As seen in her line of handmade jewelry, flowers have always played a major role in Mahdokht's designs. ManoDana is influenced by flowers, her source of inspiration, and fabric, her favorite material for decoration.

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