The UAE born-Iranian designer – Kourosh Gharbi is one of Esmod Dubai Fashion Designer Graduates on 2011. Inspired by the name himself – KOUROSH – was one of the Persian kings known as Cyrus the Great to the world. He likes spending time in Art galleries and museums; he is always inspired with historical events.

Kourosh Fashion debuted early this year 2013 - is known for prestige, luxury and royalty designs – from women’s high class ready-to-wear, elegant evening gowns and cocktail dresses, to bags, shoes and accessories. Kourosh Fashion’s specialty is bringing the traditional and historical dress with European/Eastern contemporary look.

Termeh - Luxurious and Richness Collection

The collection of Kourosh Fashion will present you the simple sophistication and dominant yet elegant look of a women and art within the collection.

Termeh is originally known as a hand-woven colorful textile with special patterns, the cloth was traditionally hand-woven using natural silk and wool fiber. The fabric is being weaved in a sensitive and careful style. Dated and signed by its designer, the elegant fabric will be considered as an antique when it reaches 10 yrs from the time it has been weaved. The cost value of the fabric increases one-fifth percent annually.

The Symbol that is frequently used in weaving termeh has rooted the Persian culture. The pattern known as paisley in the west - is the Zoroastrian symbol of life, representing cypress tree; the bended head of this symbol represents humbleness or some will say the curvature in front of god.

In the past, king and riches used brocade Termeh textiles for weaving costly dresses. Also, Termeh textile has been gifted as s valuable present from bride family since ancient times.

This beautiful fabric is not just a textile; we rather called this as a piece of art and a souvenir from the ancient Persian culture.

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