Quite simply, the mission of Jacqueline Rose is to spread Joy, Creativity, Style and Health & Wellness through fashion accessories. Founded by Spiritual Guru, Accessory Designer and Entrepreneur, Jacqueline Rose Ranieri, in 2014 – Jacqueline Rose is already becoming a leading destination for women of all ages to feel bliss and beauty! Jacqueline has spent over ten years of her life designing product for leading brands. Deeply spiritual in her personal life, she decided to dedicate her life to servicing humanity through healing arts. To solidify her goal of spreading positivity, she formed Jacqueline Rose LLC in early 2014. Healing arts are creative pursuits that promote healing, wellness and transformation. Traditional healing arts include music, art, dance and writing. Jacqueline has created a new movement within the healing arts industry that introduces the world of fashion and health and wellness into the mix. All products and services carried at Jacqueline Rose aim to spark confidence and promote well being within. All products are designed or handmade with love and care in NYC.

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