Ghazaleh Shalchi is an Iranian-French designer of handcrafted, contemporary costume jewellery and accessories. Launched in 2013, her line is strongly influenced by the elegant styles and vibrant popular culture of the 1920s, known as "Annee Folles" in French or the Roaring Twenties, and its avant garde women fashions that served as social statements of the time. Best characterising this period, and her jewellery, is an unmistakable sense of Parisian chic. She combines sophistication with simplicity and brings it to life through the use of vibrant colours and textures, including her favourite medium of lace and embroidery. Ghazaleh’s unique style also reflects her multicultural background and deep roots in painting and design. Raised in Tehran, she graduated with a university degree in art and then went on to study art and interior design at École Supérieure des Arts Modernes in Paris, then studied at London college of fashion.

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