Born 1980 in Tehran, studied Bachelor of Textile Practice at Metropolitan University in Cardiff. I studied painting and sculpture in Iran and Moscow and currently live and work in the U.K. I exhibited my work in different galleries in Iran, Moscow and England, but I never like the fact that artists just hanging their work on the walls or piece of sculpture on a pedestal and waiting for viewer to come and support the exhibition. After studying textile, I decided to use costumes as canvas and the gallery that can move around and can be seen by more viewers even people who never go to the galleries. So, I mix different cultural and historic symbols and traditions with modern print and painting together. My costumes are original and made from 100% natural fabrics. Diba and ALANGOO capsule collection is made exclusively for The collection is made with 100% organic foil silk and hand dyed and painted with organic spices and other ingredients such as turmeric, cinnamon, coffee and tea. The collection is inspired by ancient symbols and motives used during the Persian Empire era.

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