White Calligraphy Shawl Scarf Handkerchief


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Persian Calligraphy Nastaleeq Shawl

Nastaleeq is one of the main calligraphic hand writing used in writing the Persian script, and traditionally the predominant style in Persian calligraphy . It was developed in Iran in the 14th and 15th centuries.

This Shawl pattern is Based on Persian Nastaleeq and have some Qajar figures .

Print on Cotton

66*175 Cm

I ordered this manteau, but with a different painting requested for the back. It took about a month to make and it was absolutely worth the wait! I LOVE it! The painting image print is of high quality on the back and the arms and front of the garment are a deep crisp black. The manteau itself fits beautifully-- not too tight, but also not loose. The arms hang to my wrist and the lower hem falls to my knees. There are four hidden hook and eyes for a closure in the front. For reference I ordered a size S and I am 5'6" and 110lb. Thank you again for this beautiful timeless piece! betty.hensellek@gmail.com | 07 Dec 2017

Cute, well made, perfect size. Guest user | 22 Jun 2017

Beautiful and elegant. I love it! paji | 13 Mar 2017

It is amazing! i want to buy it so badly!! Maryam Alturkait | 09 Dec 2016

Very nice anoosh | 14 Oct 2016

Can you make a large square in this design Goli | 04 Mar 2016

Can you make a big square in design? Goli | 04 Mar 2016

Thank you Azita. We are glad you liked the pieces. MahMorvarid | 16 Jan 2016

The poem and painting are from Kay Kavooos king story when he is listening to stunning description of Mazandaran. BTW, I love my shawl! The colors are so vibrant. Azitaparsa | 15 Jan 2016

Do you do whole sale? Exhibit9gallery@gmail.com | 03 Nov 2015

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