Handmade Persian calligraphy Silver Earings-Ashegh basho mast
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Persian calligraphy Silver Earings. Crafted by hand, this piece tells its own story with a carved Persian poem whose art creates a language we all understand.  Whether you're super-passionate about exotic Persian poetry or just like the way it looks, you won't be disappointed with this artwork of genuine silver. 

2.5 inches long

 The Persian calligraphy language attached to the pomegranate means: Be in love, be tipsy! The Persian writing on the other half of the piece means: A little bit of love is better than all horizons.

Material: Material: 999 fine silver

Please allow a couple of weeks for shipment

Hi I would like ot buy this necklae but wanted to know what was written on it first. Khosh? thanks Maryam Namazie | 20 Mar 2018

thank you fr the beautiful piece Sohi61 | 08 Mar 2018

Love this artisan's artwork! shahriarnayeri | 18 Feb 2018

Love it. ALANGOO | 22 Jan 2017

Hi Please let me know what are the materials used in this design? What is the shipping time to Malaysia? Can I add customized engraving on the back? if yes what will be the extra charges? emperial | 31 Jul 2016

Great, thank you :) nnobari | 25 Jul 2015

Please put a photo with this pair of earings on a human ear. carmen | 01 Mar 2015

I am ordering this in as a Pin bita | 21 Nov 2014

Hi, do you make the same design again? Violet | 24 Mar 2014

Thanks Daiana. I'm happy that you liked them. MkJ | 22 Dec 2013

It says eshgh danad MkJ | 22 Dec 2013

I bought these super pretty earring ,they are perfect ... thanks diana | 18 Dec 2013

they looks beautiful in the photo ... in real they are absolutely brilliant , Love them diana | 18 Dec 2013

I want this , how can I order? diana | 26 Oct 2013

is it possible to re stock them? diana | 21 Oct 2013

love them diana | 21 Oct 2013

I love this piece. I own it and. I get compliments everytime. Roxanasamimi@gmail.com | 25 Aug 2013

Thank you. Can you explain to me how to see it? Icant make it out Roxanasamimi@gmail.com | 25 Aug 2013

It say eshgh danad roxana joon MkJ | 20 Aug 2013

What does this necklace say on the side opposite the Raha bash side? Roxanasamimi@gmail.com | 18 Aug 2013

I was wondering what the other earring says. Is there a poem on that side as well? Roxanasamimi@gmail.com | 18 Aug 2013

Please email admin@alangoo.com ALANGOO | 16 May 2013

Hi Bita, please email admin@alangoo.com. ALANGOO | 16 May 2013

Hi Bita, it is about about 1.5 inches. You can email admin@alangoo.com to place an order. ALANGOO | 16 May 2013

Hi Gol, you can email admin@alangoo.com and request your order. ALANGOO | 16 May 2013

Maysa, please contact me via this page. thank you. MkJ | 15 Apr 2013

yes you can bita joon. sorry for the late response. please contact me via the page. MkJ | 15 Apr 2013

The item is sold out. How do I order again? Gol | 11 Mar 2013

What is the size of "Handmade Silver Necklace Depicting a Persian Poem-Baharam baash" and can't it be ordered? Thanks bita | 05 Feb 2013

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Hello Is it possible to order these earrings? Thank you bita | 05 Feb 2013

Is there anyway to order this peice? bita | 03 Feb 2013

Hi there :) I was wondering if I can order one of these earrings? Maysa | 12 Jan 2013

Hi there :) I was wondering if I can order one of these earrings? Maysa | 12 Jan 2013

comment? MkJ | 08 Dec 2012

Yes you can Elnaz. Sorry for the late reply. MkJ | 08 Dec 2012

since this item is sold out, is there a way I can order it? elnaz | 31 Jul 2012

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