Custom Homa sign Cuff links And Pin


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Handmade Homa airline sign cuff link and pin . 

The pin size:  quarter coin

The cufflink size: nickel coin


Hi Meri, Thank you for your nice feedback and thank you Parishad joon for exceptional customer service. ALANGOO | 07 Jul 2018

This is a beautiful piece of art; great attention to detail and so unique. I received 8 beautiful designs within two days of purchasing the item online, and they were very professional and timely with their responses to my comments and questions. I received my necklace in the exact time frame I'd been promised and it is a beautiful piece. Thanks so much! Meri Razavi | 07 Jul 2018

Thank you so much for the beautiful necklaces and sorry that I am writing this note this late. I received the package on Thursday and opening it was like experiencing one surprise after another. First, the beautiful small bags, then a small chocolate heart that popped out of the bag, then a small velvety bag that contained the necklace. And finally, the treasure in the bag. The necklaces were extremely well done. I gave them to the twins last night for their birthdays and they were in awe. They LOVED them and they immediately put them around their neck. Thank you again for working so fast and so professionally on these. I really appreciate it and I am so glad to have found you. Guest user | 01 Dec 2017

I had been searching all over the internet to find these pins and cuffs. Since i was not able to find what i was looking for, I placed the customized order with Alangoo and Parishad. Through our conversations, they found out exactly what i was looking for and were able to deliver a product which exceeded my own expectations. I wear the pin everyday to work! thank you -Matin Hekmat matinhekmat | 24 Sep 2017

Beautiful piece if Jewelry. Hanscrafted with such a delicate skill. I will certainly recommend this artist's work if you want a unique piece. Bought this for my wife and she loved it.. navid | 17 Sep 2017

Beautiful work and great attention to detail. Homeyra | 12 Jul 2017

I just received mine, and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks Parishad gallery ;) arezoog | 01 Mar 2017

This pendant looks really beautiful; great work ???????????? Golineh | 15 Feb 2017

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