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Why don't you smile Bozi? is an ongoing sculptural series that I started in 2013. The series is inspired by the stylized design of a Persian ibex borrowed from a six thousand year old Iranian ceramic beaker. In the Persian language "bozi" means little goat, and the title of the work refers to a humorous folk song that was meant to spread holiday cheer and put a momentary smile on frozen faces of people. Using the same fascinating and ancient metal casting techniques to create my larger sculptural works, I made a limited edition of wearable Bozi sculptures.

The first edition of Bozi is a limited edition of ten cast silicon bronze pendants. Each piece is made out of a microcrystalline wax model and then molded and poured in molten metal. Each pendant is individually hand polished and rubbed down to achieve a sheen patina. This cast bronze pendant has a crude and ancient quality to it that combines the unpolished nature of ancient arts with sleek modern aesthetics.

- Semi-smooth texture
- Dimensions: 2 1/2 x 1 x 1/4 in (6.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 cm)
- Weighs: 1.3 oz (35 g)
- Ships within 1 week (United States) 2-3 weeks (Worldwide)

Beautiful handmade coffee cup so precious Afsoun | 23 May 2019
Let me begin by saying that this Aftabeh pendant is not for everyone. This necklace is for those Iranians with a sense of humor, with a sense of nostalgia, with an appreciation for a beautiful work of art about a common object definitely not associated with public displays. I LOVE my necklace. It always evokes comments and is truly a work of art. Reminds me of something Warhol would make. Firoozeh | 03 Feb 2019
This necklace is the perfect combination of boho and chic. It reminds me of Nowruz and is uniquely beautiful. Any Iranian with memories of Nowruz and the magic of goldfish will love this. Firoozeh | 03 Feb 2019
Absolutely gorgeous and definitely a conversation starter. I just love these! Firoozeh | 03 Feb 2019
Beautiful tile dishes / so beautiful I ordered 2 sets. Thank you, | 23 Apr 2018
Thank you! I received my beautiful piece of art perfectlly wrapped and shipped with care. The piece looks great I love it ! Would definitely recommend seller. Sahar | 01 Mar 2018
The mugs look exactly as the picture; great quality and it fits perfectly in my hand. I had some questions about the shipping and Alangoo's customer service got back to me very quickly. I'm definitely one happy customer. Meri Razavi | 14 Jan 2018
Great piece, highly recommended seller with good communication about my order. Thank You! indieclothesfanatic | 14 Jan 2018
Love them! elnaz.aghasi | 10 Mar 2017
This is a fantastic piece of art, it awesome and fantastic, iI am extremely happy with my purchase. I get so many complements when wearing it. | 10 Mar 2017
Love this piece! ALANGOO | 07 Jun 2016

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