Eye Collection Glass And Leather Strap Bracelet
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The eye collection (power, health and protection)

The eye is a powerful symbol in cultures all over the world. It has shaped many cultures and beliefs over thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus was a symbol of power, health and protection. Since then art was always engaged with these beliefs to create stunning pieces through the centuries.

Belief in the evil eye dates to Classical Antiquity (between 8th century BC and 5th or 6th century AD). Many cultures believe that the evil eye is a curse, which can inflict injury or bad luck.

 From ancient Egypt to 21st century the eye symbol was reflected in many different form of art across the world and a fascination for many people. In this collection I redefined the eye symbolism through my perspective.

This piece is cloisonne enamel, made of siver 999 and high quality glass and leather strap. 

The order is made to make you happy. So I provide refund policy to satisfy you. Although I ask you to pay enough attention before you place your order still Refund policy is provided within 30 days after you place your order. Any damage or size error or quality issue you will be given full refund. Please pay attention the piece should be returned in original package including shipping tracking number. If there is any problem, make sure you contact me immediately. 

Cancellation policy is only possible before shipping and for standard orders and will be full refund but for customise orders (special colours and design or name on it) 25% of the cost will be charged.

Unfortunately, exchange is not available for now.

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Beautifully crafted. The materials used are hight quality and the color combinations are great. Guest user | 26 Jul 2021

ممنون از این انگشتر زیبا و استثنایی. خیلی دوسش دارم. Maryam F. | 23 May 2021
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