Iran's Cultural Ethnic Diversity Coin, Balochi Dance, Golden Plated Coin For Celebration Of Nowruz And Father’s Day
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The Cultural and Ethnic Diversity coin celebrates Iran’s colorful, vibrant, and diverse ethnic groups. On one side of the coin, the ethnic group names; Azerbaijani, Persian, Turkmen, Balochi, Armenian, Mazandarani, Gilak, Arab, Kurd and Lur are engraved around the map of the world with Iran at the center.  The front side of the coin, etched in bronze, is a figure of a male Balochi dancer performing a traditional dance with Iran’s map in the backdrop.  Around the rim, the front side of the coin is ornated with lively Balochi patterns. 

This coin is reminder of our diverse heritage and our culture. aspiring us to reflect on our identity and our values. 

The coins are sold starting with the lowest available serial number in the series. 

The coin comes with an easel in a gift box.

Size: 1.75 inches

Material: Gold Plated Brnoze



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Excellent Collectible and thanks for a hand written note. I am Fascinated in the Enigma of Cyrus the Great's Babylonian Conquest. Though I still think he was a One God Zoroastrian Syncretist ,Contrary to the prevailing impression from the Cylinder translation. Guest user | 21 Oct 2020

Thank you for your feedback Ladan. We are glad to hear you and your friend liked the piece :) ALANGOO | 07 Jun 2019
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