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Danke für die schönen Ohrringe, die sind sehr schön und außergewöhnlich. Ich würde gerne mehr über die Pflege wissen. Thank you, I like the earrings. How can I pollish them? Merci az Gooshwarehaye ghashang. Size koochiktar ham darin?
Roushanak | 03 Jan 2021
I bought Handmade Persian Pomegranate Earrings Anar, Yalda, and what I received is very different from what is being shown on the website. Not happy with it, and it is not returnable.
Sara Hadavi | 13 Jan 2019
It looks even better than the picture I was thrilled when I received it!! I can’t wait to wear them. Thank you so much for designing such a beautiful piece Also I just need to add that Niloo was great and answered all my questions before I ordered this piece. And it was exactly what she described to me.
Guest user | 22 Jan 2018
Like this piece!
IranAudioBook | 12 Dec 2017
These non identical earrings are really beautiful; I receive so many compliments when wearing them
Golineh | 20 Feb 2017
I want to have some made please. I cannot seem to submit the "request to made" comment.
marieclark1977@hotmail.com | 26 Jun 2016
Hi, if i want this in silver what is the price please?
Saghafian.ts@gmail.com | 14 Mar 2016
$106!! For a knockoff? True artists create originals.
Tan | 15 Dec 2015
when this item will be available?
zahra | 15 Apr 2015
What is the size?
Firoozeh | 17 Feb 2015
How big is this?
Firoozeh | 17 Feb 2015
Hi, I can't seem to be clicking on the request to be made-button. Can I order these?
nazila | 01 Jan 2015