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I love these mirror earrings, they give you that special look!
Beatrice Lipani | 20 Oct 2020
Hi Leila, thank you for your feedback and we are sorry you are not happy with the quality. I'm surprised you missed the description as there is a detailed description in "About the Piece" tab. Per the description, this dress is not made of nylon but polyester. This high quality print technique can only be printed on polyester. We do not have any piece on this site that is made with nylon. Unfortunately, the color white could be see through like most white color dresses. But the dress in black and gray does not have such issue. The print quality of this dress is also superb and it will not fade no matter how many time it is washed. As the production cost of this dress is unfortunately not cheap, we cannot offer this piece with a lower cost. We wish that we could. All the best and thank you for your comment.
ALANGOO | 22 Mar 2020
Design is pretty but low quality on everything. 100% Nylon and see through. I bought few item from this website and I was happy but now I have to be careful because I didn’t see anywhere description and just trust. I don’t like the quality at all and not worth it for that price.
Leila | 22 Mar 2020
Beautiful piece, although it’s too big for my wrist, I’ll use it as an anklet.😉
HILAYEKTA | 25 Sep 2019
5 stars
Maryam Nasirpour | 29 Jul 2019
Hi Noushin, sorry to hear it. We never got any email from you. Can you please make sure it was sent to admin@alangoo.com? We will let the maker know what happened. Thank you.
ALANGOO | 26 Jul 2019
I bought this earring and I received it damaged . I emailed and asked for replacement but no answer
Nooshin | 25 Jul 2019
Thank you for your nice feedback and thank you Laureen for your nice work! :)
ALANGOO | 02 Jul 2018
I emailed many times to order those ceramic pomegranates but no one got back to me. How can i order this?
Melania | 24 Jun 2018
Great item, thank you!
Olga Driscoll | 06 Jan 2018
Love them. They look much better in person.
Olga Driscoll | 05 Jan 2018
Very happy with these boots. Comfortable and authentic. Did not expect such good quality looking at the images.
Guest user | 05 Jan 2018
great item
Guest user | 04 Jan 2018
My favorite gol e sorkhi home decors <3
Guest user | 04 Jan 2018
Item exactly as described, very cute, also a very fast shipment, thank you!
Olga Driscoll | 01 Dec 2017
Love it.
ALANGOO | 22 Jan 2017
nice !
niketjshah@gmail.com | 08 Oct 2016
Hi I am interested to purchase this item , how long it takes to ship. let me the size and material also if is coming in different colors.
FERRY | 07 May 2015
When will you have more available?
Nasrine | 17 Mar 2015
Hello, Thise are earings?
carmen | 13 Mar 2015
Hi, can you make this bracelet of gold? And much cost? Thanks
carmen | 25 Feb 2015
ALANGOO | 18 Feb 2015
ALANGOO | 18 Feb 2015
Very nice Piece.
niketjshah@gmail.com | 18 Feb 2015
what's the meaning of the pendant?
threzlyean | 24 Apr 2014
Hi Taraneh, unfortunately, making similar design with the same price is not possible anymore.
ALANGOO | 19 Jan 2014
Please design more of this style at this price. I really wish this wrap was still available
tahereh | 17 Jan 2014
Love this!
ALANGOO | 10 Jun 2013
Really cool!! Placing my order now
indieclothesfanatic | 01 Feb 2012