Balagans is a European trademark which represents longevous production traditions, high quality and exclusivity. Under this trademark you can find men's aT-shirts, tank tops and long sleeved shirts. Balagans T-shirts are made of natural fabrics (cotton, viscose, bamboo). In order for the T-shirts to be comfortable to wear we choose our fabrics to be with elastane. Such T-shirts do not limit movement, pleasantly snuggles to the body. Balagans T-shirt designs are created by our own design team which distinguishes itself by exclusive sense of style. Balagans T-shirts are decorated using silk-screen printing technology. Silk-screen printing is variegation (application of a print) method, which ensures the durability of prints and resistance to constant washes. The whole process of making a T-shirt (creating design, choosing fabric, cutting, sewing, printing and etc.) is held in our own workshop. Since our company supports environmentally friendly ideas, in our production we use ecological paint. Whereas Balagans T-shirts are made by our own hands, we think through even the smallest details. Ordinary T-shirts acquire exclusivity by various necklines (deep neckline, oval neckline, boat neckline, inverted draped cowl neckline, neckline with inner cut), turned up sleeves and other decorative elements. Even size and care labels are stuck in the inner side of a T-shirt in order not to irritate the skin of a neck. Balagans T-shirts are produced in small amounts, every item is thoroughly finished. Our company has a huge focus on product quality so be sure that we do our best to meet your needs.

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