Barbara Poole has been creating fashion felt accessories and teaching felt making techniques in the Boston area since 2003. All her work is one of kind made with 100% merino wool from ethically treated sheep, reclaimed silk, hand dyed or hand painted silk. The pieces may begin as the same shape and size, but she approaches each piece as a unique work of art; even a simple scarf will possess it’s own vision. Her background as a painter allows her to create work within the formal language of painting, paying attention to form, color and light. She creates garments to adorn the wearer. My clothing and accessories embodies the Bohemian lifestyle. I think of my work as BoHo Chic Artists Statement Barbara uses wool felt because of its plastic and historic ties to the body and it’s metaphorical similarities and connections to skin. Historically, felt has provided insulation from the natural elements. Barbara feels that in some small way she is carrying on a family tradition of working in wool. Her grandfather emigrated from Armenia to Watertown, Massachusetts. In Armenia he made wool rugs, but was unable to bring his trade to the United States, instead he owned a small convenience store in Watertown, but would always talk nostalgically about his work in Armenia. He was able to bring two small rugs with him when he left Armenia and as a child Barbara delighted in the colors and the stories her grandfather would weave about Armenia.

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