About Us

ALANGOO.com is a global exchange marketplace that acts as a springboard for independent designers and artisans with backgrounds in exotic corners of the globe who design or create wearable art, lifestyle pieces and more.

Our Community

We are proud to elevate the richness of Persian culture through offering inspired pieces and making them available to Western audiences.

ALANGOO Sellers have both online and offline platforms to showcase and sell their work, connect with their diaspora and Western shoppers. We support independent and alternative designers and artisans who design or create avant garde or ethnic inspired wearable and lifestyle products. We help them showcase and sell their work on a global scale by reaching even larger audiences who would not be able to discover their work otherwise. To start selling, click here.

ALANGOO Buyers are not only purchasing unique designs, but are also supporting a movement by wearing products that make a statement and are inspired by a great culture. We seek to connect independent-minded shoppers who appreciate individuality, use products that have a story to communicate and designers and artisans who create them.

Our Inspiration

A modern multi-cultural woman, the founder of ALANGOO, grew up in Tehran. Along with a group of friends, she was able to set up underground fashion shows and exhibitions to sell her avant-garde handmade apparel and home décor in the capital city of Tehran. Although very successful, the group had no way of introducing their designs to the outside world.

Upon graduating from Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran she moved to New York in 2002, where she fell head over heels in love with the Big Apple. While missing the support of her friends in Tehran and on the verge of losing confidence in her crafts, she decided to embark on a new career path. She studied at New York University and earned a Masters degree in Graphic Communications Management and Technology which lead her to enter the world of online media. After working for some New York and Boston top ad agencies, she decided to create this platform as a way to give a voice to her friends, as well as other underground artists. ALANGOO is her brainchild.

ALANGOO.com does not present or showcase fine art such as films and paintings on this platform.

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