Hi! My name is Sahar. I’m a Ceramic-Materials and Electrical Engineer who enjoys the world of art and colors outside the box! In a typical day in my life, I’m in charge of system design and engineering of a Solar company! I design solar Projects for a greener earth! At night, I’m a graphist who doesn’t get enough of vivid colors… Designs you see are adapted from the existing architectural elements and decorations of palaces, mosques and illustrated manuscript combined with calligraphy works of poems, spanning themes of love, divine mysticism, and human rights with the hope to show a small piece of Iranian art. So what for? The truth is I was sexually assaulted by my Direct supervisor last year and I went down the dark path of depression. The good thing was, I received the support I needed to get back on my feet, but along the way, I was mindful of many women, who can’t get closure and the support they need due to the societal pressures of the community. A part of my store sales is dedicated for funding free therapy sessions and care for sexual assaults victims.

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