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Please meat 'Tooran-Dokht' who is Mandes Shahbal's Mother-in-law. She is a 20 cm doll by Nogol, made in Switzerland.
Tooran-Dokht is coming from a very high class and rich family with 'Shajareh Nameh' means family tree document. She always wears her pearl necklace centered by Neyshaboori Turquoise which her mother-in-law gave her on her wedding day. Since the death of her husband she spend most of her time with her only daughter, Mahin-Taj.

Tooran-dokht has a big collection of fur coats, hats, bags, sheos and jewelry. She loves telling the story behind each of her jewelry to her grand-daughter Soosan, who is going to be ready soon. Please stay tuned... 



This guys is sitting in my living room steeling everyone's heart <3 Guest user | 04, Jan, 2018

He is the coolest :D NobaharDesign | 15, Sep, 2017

in love with these dolls <3 NobaharDesign | 15, Sep, 2017

Very unique doll, great craftsmanship! Would love to order from this artist again. Thank you! epushinsky | 23, Feb, 2017

Wonderful doll! Great quality, as described. Packaging and shipping time was incredible! Thank you! epushinsky | 23, Feb, 2017

Hello Designer! I like to know if you make the Morgh E Amin necklace just like the one SHAHRZAD wears. Best, Mobina Mobinant | 18, May, 2016

What we received is not what you advertised on your website. I am very disappointed. shivajoonus | 25, Apr, 2016

Please write the Packet Value less than 20,- Euro. Thanks Keyvan | 04, Apr, 2016

LOL This is great! ALANGOO | 09, Apr, 2014

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