Handmade Iranian doll Nane ye gholam Javad


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Please meet 'Nane ye Gholam Javad'.

A 20 cm handmade doll by Nogol.
Nane ye Gholam (Means Gholam's mother) lives in the suburb of the city. Working in rice fields, in farms, preparing and selling herbs for Persian meals is what she does to earn money. Usually she carries the herbs on the copper tray on her head without holding it by hands. 
She raised Gholam alone without her husband. She was a father and mother to her son. 
Today she is wearing her new bag which is Gholam's present, to Gholabetoun's khastegari (asking for the hand of Mash-Mammad's daughter). She is going to take some herbs on the copper plate for the future in-laws family. 
Please go to www.alangoo.com to purchase any family memebr of Mash-Mammad. Thank you.



This guys is sitting in my living room steeling everyone's heart <3 Guest user | 04, Jan, 2018

He is the coolest :D NobaharDesign | 15, Sep, 2017

in love with these dolls <3 NobaharDesign | 15, Sep, 2017

Very unique doll, great craftsmanship! Would love to order from this artist again. Thank you! epushinsky | 23, Feb, 2017

Wonderful doll! Great quality, as described. Packaging and shipping time was incredible! Thank you! epushinsky | 23, Feb, 2017

Hello Designer! I like to know if you make the Morgh E Amin necklace just like the one SHAHRZAD wears. Best, Mobina Mobinant | 18, May, 2016

What we received is not what you advertised on your website. I am very disappointed. shivajoonus | 25, Apr, 2016

Please write the Packet Value less than 20,- Euro. Thanks Keyvan | 04, Apr, 2016

LOL This is great! ALANGOO | 09, Apr, 2014

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