A set of three Pomegranates/ SPECIAL PRICE


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Ceramic handmade and hand glazed Pomegranates.  Large 5.5" H is red symbolizes feminity and love.  Medium is turquoise 3.75" H, to repel the evil eye, and white 3" H symbolizes peace and purity.  Each Pomegranate is different from each other and unique.  You can also use them as a vase or candleholder.  You can also place them all together in a bowl.  If you celeberate the Holidays the red is almost like a decorative bulb.  If you celebrate Nowruz or New Years it signifies well wishes for the coming year.

There is a $5.00 shipping charge for the three Pomegranates added into the price to make up for the total shipping.

No International Shipping

Ships USPS 2 to 3 three days of the purchase.  

Ships 2 to 3 days after your order.  No refunds, but there is a replacement if you receive the item chipped.

No returns unless item is damaged.

Shipping country Shipping price If 2 or more items are purchased
Ship to US $ 8 $ 11
Ship to CANADA $ 25 $ 25
Ship to EUROPE $ 0 $ 0
Ship to Middle East $ 0 $ 0
Ship to South Asia $ 0 $ 0
Ship to Other Countries $ 0 $ 0
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